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010 – [Bonus Track]

23 Apr

Presenting… “On My Way.”

You may now purchase the entire album.

008 – [Bonus Track]

13 Feb


Suki Tawdry’s “Valentine’s Day.” Enjoy.

007 – [Bonus Track]

8 Feb

006 – [Bonus Track]

19 Jan


It’s Twenty-Twelve y’all, and the world is ending; this jingle’ll help you through it.  

Happy Pou Year!

004 – [Bonus Track]

13 Dec


1 Tommy Blacha  + 2 Poubelles = the dopest theme song ever.

(Synth skillz provided by Mark Rivers, Man of Music)

003 – [Bonus Track]

21 Nov


The long-lost analog recording of James as he coaches 13-year-old Bibi and Fifi in DJ Dicksy Kupp’s studio.

002 – [Bonus Track]

8 Nov


Some final thoughts on Lucha VaVOOM Halloween 2011, including the real reason Las Poubelles did not wrestle and our McDonald’s drive-thru order.

May we present… The Ride Home.