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013 – Jon Schnepp

9 Sep


It’s so hot in Los Angeles right now, SO hot… can’t think, can’t write… go ahead and mix ‘n’ match the following yourselfs for this week’s guest, Jon Schnepp: writer, director, Metalocalypse, editor, Venture Bros., UCB, Space Ghost, Grimm Fairy Tales… 

Track down his contribution to The ABCs of Death!
Too late to contribute, but check out the Kickstarter for Grimm Fairy Tales anywoo!
Visit him at booth #1339 and at this panel at  Comickaze 9/15 and 9/16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center!

But first… Francis Bilbix.

And first first, for our cold open: the very important question from podcast #012 is answered – and the tears are real.

* * *

Hey – Poubelles will also be at Comikaze on Sunday 9/16 12pm-3pm at the Skellramics booth #1151.  Visit and buy our friends’ awesome ceramic stuff, please.

Opening song “One Glance (At the Jolly Roger)” by Hobo Jazz. If you like it, come by R Bar this Friday the 14th to hear lead Hobo Marquis DJing a twenties dance party!  It’s also our birthday.

004 – Tommy Blacha

13 Dec


Gaseous Weiner. Doctor Rockso. The WWE medic who delivered Mae Young’s hand baby.  Sure, he abandoned us in America when his wrestling promotion went belly up, but our adoration for Tommy Blacha remains unmatched. Behind-the-scenes, Kayfabe-breakin’ wrestly talk abounds, nos amis!

Hey!  G.L.O.W. wasn’t the only lady promotion with its own song  – check out the [Bonus Track]!

And – he is in possession of a lovely dog named Maggie who needs a new home! Photo below! Email for info!


Tommy and the hand baby in action!
The return of the Gaseous Weiner!



004 – [Bonus Track]

13 Dec


1 Tommy Blacha  + 2 Poubelles = the dopest theme song ever.

(Synth skillz provided by Mark Rivers, Man of Music)