American Girl Theater Lobby

Teams are given an identity (Betty, Cathy, Debbie, etc.) and sent to the A.G. Photo Studio to get a new headshot.

American Girl Theater

Welcome from JP. Everyone meets “Allie Allison” (Allison Scagliotti). Teams fling "blind submission" postcards at an non-union agency flag. Closest three teams get their first clue and a doctored map of the Grove. The numbers on each of those maps are different, sending these teams to three Grove destinations in different order.

American Girl Place

Store map hieroglyphs. "FIND ME IN AGP. I'M GAME!" Allie's face is on a playing piece in the American Girl Treasures Game under glass on the ground floor.

Game Fact: The day almost starts out as a colossal train wreck when, after JP has already released two waves of teams, Slugworth Dave sticks his head in the theater and quietly asks, "Where's the playing piece?"

Pacific Theaters

Stand on the marble floor oval and face west. "FINDING ALLIE'S MAP 1:05" is on the digital display.

Game Fact: Supposedly, for about 90 minutes that morning, anyone using Pacific Theaters' online system was able to buy tickets for FINDING ALLIE'S MAP.

DirecTV Lounge

DVD slideshow. Find the plaques. Simple math. Were those lemonade kids bronzed in 1976? What's with the $2 bills?

Crate & Barrell

Allie is registered for a coaster. Place it on the shaded area of your map, and the next destination is revealed.

Light My Fire

Find hot sauce labeled "Muy C-Allie-ente!" Get validated. So far, so good...

Unique Tan

Put on shorts, step in UV booth, look at your ass in the mirror and read "SBV 145 S. FAIRFAX".

Game Day Bummer: Yes, this was a clusterfudge. Helpless Game Control had no idea what the problem was. The shorts didn't exist until the morning of the race. The green ones were bad... The blue ones were bad... They both were bad... Boo, JP.

Game Day Fun Fact: During the preceding five stations, many of you visited several of our red herring clues. Spanking yourselves, telling employees, "I'm on television!" etc. One team swears they actually did everything on their map. EVERYTHING. And more, apparently. I have no idea why they were carrying a loaf of bread at the finish line.

Sutton, Barth & Vennari

Group read for a radio spot. Briefly believe your next destination is Knott's Berry Farm. Get a CD. Meet Rita Vennari and Pam Sparks. Hand over your old headshot. Find out, "You look a lot like Florence Lawrence." Listen to CD. Follow Allie's terrible directions to...

Hollywood Forever

Buy a flower and get a map from the lady in mourning. Find Florence Lawrence. Find star grave between Florence and the island mausoleum. Find Jayne Mansfield. Find her name on the back of your map above the destination "HOLLYWOOD HISTORY MUSEUM". Call to confirm and go!

Game Day Highlight: At one point, a large tour group parked themselves in front of our site, creating the illusion of an army of cemetery accomplices. Game Day Bummer: First time in three visits that the geese and peacocks were actually locked up. Every other day, they were running loose and guarding Florence. Angrily. Post Game Fun: Look up F.L. on Wikipedia. Aside from being the first movie star and bearing a striking resemblance to 2007 gamer Suzi Barrett, she is credited with inventing the turn signal and committing suicide by way of ant paste. Canadians.

Hollywood History Museum

Find the dresses, plaques, etc. Answer multiple choice questions. "FEED ME CLARICE". Look in Hannibal Lecter's feeding drawer for your next clue.

Hollywood Wax Museum

Tic for Tac, Clarice. Play "Rock, Paper, Cutters" with the right hands of several wax figures. Complete Tic-Tac-Toe grid. Vertical solution gives you...

Stella Adler Theater, Studio C

Join a Chekov scene study class already in progress. "You're a star... Somewhere between Anita Stewart and Gloria Stuart."


Meet a pair of nice fellows who hook you up to their "S-Meter" (Simon). Together, all four players must repeat ten tones before reaching "atonement". Still can't believe this came off without any hassle from the real Scientology building.

Pig & Whistle

Lunch. 60-minute break. Allie is now a trainee following the wait staff around the room. Sean Hayes gives her some sincere career advice before realizing she's the same Allie from the start of the day.

Star Decoders

Teams are given a mechanical device that turns Walk of Fame stars into clue letters. "ANGELYNE CLUE: PROVE YOUR AGE."

Game Fact: JP's smarty-pants brother Philipe designed and built these bad boys from scratch. Game Day Bummer #1: One team's decoder wasn't correctly calibrated. Game Day Bummer #2: These were supposed to work in conjunction with a very cool clue in the Egyptian Theater courtyard. The three previous Saturdays? That gate was open, and that angry security guard was nowhere to be found.


Find "Angelyne" next to her trademark pink convertible. Show her your driver's license. She gives you a flyer for Lesli Margherita's one woman show.

Game Fun Fact: The stars also allowed for us to spell "PROVE YOU'RE A GIRL."

I.O. West

Sit near the bar. Order margarita. Get coloring puzzle. Solve for Wicked. "Go across the street from there."

Game Fact #1: Yes, Lesli Margherita is her real name. Game Fact #2: Forcing you to park on the 7th floor of The Grove structure was about more than just discounted all-day parking. It also ensured that every team came face-to-face with a huge Wicked banner at least three times before the race began.

Vine St. Metro Station

Two street performers make you sing a Broadway number they have not yet heard today. Get Sudoku/Road to Hollywood clue. Find two Peerless projectors inside the station. Use serial number on the one pointed in the direction associated with either character in the Wicked graphic (west, or north) to solve for train stops and dice rolls in The Road to Hollywood Game. Take train one stop west/north to...

Hollywood & Highland, Lana Turners

Play Chutes and Ladders with the Road to Hollywood quotations. End on Lana Turner: "I was a 16 year old girl in a sweater drinking a strawberry malt when a guy came up to me and asked, Would you like to be in pictures?" Change verbs to present tense. Look up. Two girls in cardigans are drinking strawberry malts on the third level bridge. Run up to them and ask if they'd like to be in pictures. Boy, would they! The girls put a quarter in the telescope and point it toward a window of the Renaissance Hotel's second floor art lounge. "COME HERE, TAKE ONE."

Renaissance Hotel, Art Lounge

Another girl sits next to a stack of Backstage West magazines. Assures our teams that there's a lot of non-union film work out there for them. In fact, there's probably something in there they'd be perfect for that's auditioning today! "Call the director." Teams find a listing for THE FRESH FACE, a non-union film about the physical, emotional, and psychological challenges four people face together on their shared road to Hollywood fame and fortune (some nudity). Director Fad Zeimona has no phone number. "Call the director." Teams dial the letters F-A-D-Z-E-I-M-O-N-A and hear an outgoing message from Fad saying that he will be holding auditions in Room #1812 from 3pm to 6pm today.

Game Fact #1: Fad has received over 100 online submissions for The Fresh Face from prospective talent, catering, and crew. All of them will receive a lovely email this week, apologizing that the show has already been cast and staffed. Game Fact #2: Due to the nudity involved, Backstage West required that Fad provide four written referrals from women with whom he has recently worked before agreeing to print the listing. They say they have never received such aggressive defense of character.

Renaissance Hotel, Room #1812

Teams "pay their dues" in the form of an uncomfortable audition in a closed bedroom. They must also win one hand of poker from Fad's producer buddy to get their three SAG vouchers and next clue.

Kodak Image Center Solutions

Pick up your new headshots, taken earlier at American Girl Place. Fill out your resume, leading to...

SAG Building/Bauman, Redanty & Shaul

Meet union talent agent Adam Lazarus and his lovely assistant. Hand over your new headshot and three SAG vouchers. "Welcome to the agency! Feel free to come to our New Clients Mixer tonight. It's #114 on Allie's Map."

Game Day Bummer: I was hoping to get your original headshots to Adam in time for him to hold them up and say, "You wouldn't believe the shit that some people send me." But, you guys were too fast.


Teams valet their car and sprint the length of The Grove. Hustle up the stairs to the party. Finish Line! Meet the groovy people you encountered during the day. Welcome the teams arriving behind you. Ask the waitress if they she can find a banana for your cramping calves. Fin.