Thursday, July 28, 2005

comic con, if you please.

from mary forrest !! <--chickit for AAALLLLL the photos from our Sattyday night....

at the westgate:

hey- that guy is wearing my fluffy red coat !!


Sunday, July 24, 2005




well, not only do the Poubelles adore aDanforth, but we are also a part of the show !

visit the fuck out of Danforth's Websitefor more informations that you can read without feeling like you are lookin' through butter spex !


Friday, July 22, 2005

comic con update

wow. a lot more happened last weekend than i remembered before my brain dried out. bueno, la primera cosa deben Ustedes saber es que...

...the beginning of the end was when Kitten DeVille surreptitiously began to fill our water bottles with champagne...

(with head and bottles under the sparkly tablecloth)

(and with more of a devil may care attitude about the whole thing...)

what else? one thing is that we were confirmed beyond the shadow of a doubt to be extremely cool in our japanese school girl outfits because not only did a "Giant Cock" (his words - i would NEVER) and a flamingo-head guy from the Spike and Mike booth want to chat (i wonder if cute lil flamingo-head knew that the same headpiece he sported had been nestled on top of Spike's luscious mane for a week straight in Annecy)...

...but these two Imperial Storm Troopers (right?) stopped US and asked us to take photos with THEM !!

still more to come. te prometo.


Monday, July 18, 2005

i am still drunk.

yeah, not hungover but drunk. how did i get back to Los Angeles from Comic Con? i'll have to ask Augusta and Don.

in the meantime, PC users - would you like to see the twinterview we shot for Weird TV under the deft direction of Willia Drew? ok, neither of us have the URL but it goes like > MSN video > and it's under
'entertainment' tab on the right > Weird TV.

what was the last thing i remember before getting in a cab for TJ where, i was told, the Bushmills is cheaper by the gallon? oh, 3 am or so, sitting on a bed at the Westgate, surrounded by really nice people, watching incomparable talker Tim Heidecker crank call someone somewhere, and all of us giggling with delight...hmm.... . .

Monday, July 11, 2005

COMIC COM HERE WE COME. TO COMIC CON, that is. AND more LVV Greatest Hits Photos !!

yikes, is am really behind...still haven't said nothing about Ba Boom. i do believe i shall turn this around, however, and claim that this is due to my lack of quality photographs of the matches, what since our favorite and most dedicated photographer Don Spiro was out gallivanting in New York instead of remaining ringside for these last shows. wouldn't i be ever so grateful if some sweet Deuxfillenthusiasts sent us any photos they might have taken during the shows? (a hundred kisses to anyone who captured my tope, mascarita asking fifi to be his novia or my kiss with my new husband Tsuki...(well, i guess he and i can photograph that any ol' time now, but it would be nice to be able to share our first one with everyone who wasn't there...) oh, i would put them up, and give credit and maybe just maybe share a sweet hug with the photographer if he or she came to visit us at


There are so many great things going on there...hardly any of which i know about, but as the next two days fly by, i will try to include my recommendations. this i do know...Cartoon Network's Thursday panel about pitching for Adult Swim will feature a promo of Dino Stamatopoulos' brand new stop-motion series "Moral Orel". i love it with ALL my hearts. i wish i had a link for him. well, after that, which is scheduled for 5:30-7:00, filmmaker and burlesque beaut AUGUSTA is throwing her very own burlesque revue and wouldn't ya know it? I'll be at the door taking in tickets, handing out smiles, and seducing patrons into going to the bar for me while i am stuck at my post...

it is cheaper with a print-out of this flyer...

also, IT'S A CHICK has a booth inside the convention center, so please, please stop buy and purchase many things - like Augusta's Velvet Hammer documentary, her Agent-15 series, Le Jeu de Kinderspiel shorts starring two twins, and some Poubelle memorabilia...glossies, calendars, Poubelle printed panties for your in-the-know lady-friend...

alright, alright - here are a few shots from LBB...courtesy of wrestling super star Human Tornado, who the Poubelles would gladly take home and fawn over until fully recovered from every double backflip out of the ring and onto chairs and perhaps, hopefully, at least a tiny bit of whoever was supposed to break his fall...lookit him on Nene, where's your website already??? hm. oh - yeah - the photos.

after some drunk Birthday Girl called me STUPID (never, never do that) and i accidentally slugged her boyfriend, a security guard jumped in and smacked ME down.

fifi jumped on his fool-ass back, only to be plucked off him by a veritable mountain of a second security guard. he put her under his arm, and soon had me under his other.

the waitress who had been serving Birthday Girl all night felt bad for being an enabler and backflipped around the ring after smashing a beer bottle on the big guy's head...then something strange happened.

hot ninjas attacked.
i mean, scary ones. well, whatever they were (hot), we were not expecting THAT.

the B-Day girl came back with her dumb boyfriend and we finished them off with some moves that left us in the audience. sorry first, second, a little of third row. they were asking for it.

this was all wednesday night. of course, thursday night mascarita finally came around to asking fifi to be his main squeeze with a bunch of sunflowers taller than him (i was in the process of ostentatiously putting my hands on my hips, not walking around the ring like so fyi)

and tsuki clearly outdid him with a marriage proposal that i gratefully accepted. below: the kiss i had been saving myself for, these last twenty-two years...*sigh*

fifi was none too happy about me winning, however, and stepped on my ginormous rama de rosas as soon as she got the chance - i was shocked !!!

when it came time for Tsuki, Cassandro and i to face off against Mascarita, Durango Kid, and Fifi, Fifi didn't even wait until i was in the ring to start sh*t !!!

still waiting for more photos from more sweet camera-toting fans. in the meantime, i hope i am not giving anything away by sharing with you that i won.*

with marina , who i owe a lot of kisses to for the pics from thursday night...actually i owe them to her friend steve robles. but since i know marina better....


*follow-up: did i ever, dad, señor y señora Tsuki, dear readers - i am pregnant !!!

Friday, July 08, 2005


gee, i sure have been busy lately...having tea and then devouring Club Bricktop's on friday night with a genius , studying spanish (no link - lo siento), spending time with a beautiful russian painter, cringing THEN laughing at our most embarrassing secrets...i promise that i will soon write my review of Ba Boom Gr8est hits, but until then i offer this objective and well-written review of wednesday night's show


ps. only a few more nights left of Brickies before the Parlour closes and breaks my heart in two...i am dying to think of such things. i hope everyone makes it to the last night, August 5th...Lola Tawdry, Fifi Piaf, Mr. Uncertain and even perhaps a few special guests will certainly be there for the tearful send-off...

i am quoteunquote CERTAIN that i adore this guy.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

"What Ba Boom Means To Us" by The Poubelle Twins

con Señor Cuerpo Perfecto, Super Parka

AND, unfortunately...

look past the huge bruises on the knee and shin - see the red criss-crosses? this is the imprint of fishnets burned into delicate twin flesh. the things we do for your love.

more later. we have yet to recover fully from two amazing nights of


Bibi "Mrs. Tsuki" Poubelle and Fifita Sagrada