Friday, August 26, 2005


i have finally compiled all the photos. thank you to Marina Melson and Steve Robles, Jim Comeau, Alisa, as well as Human Tornado.

from Wednesday night...

after some drunk Birthday Girl called me STUPID (never, never do that) and i accidentally slugged her boyfriend, a security guard jumped in and smacked ME down.

fifi jumped on his fool-ass back, only to be plucked off him by a veritable mountain of a second security guard. he put her under his arm, and soon had me under his other.

the waitress who had been serving Birthday Girl all night felt bad for being an enabler and backflipped around the ring after smashing a beer bottle on the big guy's head...then something strange happened.

hot ninjas attacked.
i mean, scary ones. well, whatever they were (hot), we were not expecting THAT.

the B-Day girl came back with her dumb boyfriend and we finished them off with some moves that left us in the audience. sorry first, second, a little of third row. they were asking for it.

of course, thursday night Mascarita Sagrada finally came around to asking Fifi to be his main squeeze with a bunch of sunflowers taller than him

and Tsuki clearly outdid him with a marriage proposal that I gratefully accepted.

giving me the ring:

the big kiss:

Fifi was none too happy about me winning, however, and stepped on my ginormous rama de rosas as soon as she got the chance - I was shocked !!!

when it came time for Tsuki, Cassandro and I to face off against Mascarita, Durango Kid, and Fifi, Fifi didn't even wait until I was in the ring to start sh*t !!!

Tsuki and I share a moment before our match:

of course, any more photos from any more sweet camera-toting audience members will be so very appreciated. i might even show up on your door-step with some signed goodies- just ask Jim ! in the meantime, i hope i am not giving anything away by sharing with you that i won.*

at the end of the show:

¡¡ Puedo bailar si lo quiero !! and i don't care what people think about it (or what Tom tries to figure out what he thinks about it...)

with Marina, who helped us get many of these photos !


*follow-up: did i ever, dad, señor y señora Tsuki, dear readers - i am pregnant !!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Bricktop's Last Night

with one of our most beloved heroes, Dr. Vaginal Davis aka Miss Bricktops

and, courtesy of darling Anna Bells of the Fishnet Floozys -

más pronto,