Datey Ladies with Barbara Ann & Vera Duffy

How To Vote By Mail! has a handy guide that shows you how to Vote By Mail state-by-state for the November 3rd election. Click the link here ! Deadlines, links to applications, and more are all there.

And remember:

‘We’ve laid out important deadlines for your states, but remember the rule of thumb:

The earlier you request and return your ballot, the better.

DL006 Act 2 – All The Fucking Mistakes

The fun continues with our second act! Herpes vs. computer; which virus is easier to catch? And also – porn! Plus, Vera explores her “place of lac” as the mystery of Toluca Lake lake deepens.

Please enjoy this commercial for the Odyssey Video store, home to Barbara Ann Duffy, Vera Duffy, and Ron Jeremy.

DL006 Act 1 – All The Fucking Mistakes

Our review of Gigi Engle’s ALL THE FUCKING MISTAKES is so astounding it can only be a multi-act production! Join us now for Act 1, where we discuss cat-calling street pervs, secret urethras, and stigma that’s silly as fudge.

Bur first, our call to the public for naughty words. There’s still time to email yours in! Do it, Booty Chicken!