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"The Best of the Poubelle Twins
at Lucha Va VOOM "

directed by Barbara Duffy (2008)
Five years of two twins.
"Birds of Prey"
directed by Sergio Pinheiro (2007)
Twin sisters with a creative thirst for blood. Another Donnybrook Films product in the style of the 70's exploitation films shown at your local grindhouse, filmed entirely in Twinvision®. Viewer discretion advised.
Weird TV's "Les Poubelle Twins"
directed by Willia Drew (2004)
The first recorded English language interview with the Poubelles finds them in their quarters as they perform their morning ablutions, train for lucha libre, and demonstrate their clothing-retrieval technique.
Quick time: 4.5MB 12.8MB
"The Treasures of Long Gone John"
directed by Gregg Gibbs (2005)
A documentary on our beloved friend Long Gone John, with a brief cameo by Las Poubelles.
"A Date with the Four Food Groups and You"
directed by Danforth France (2005)
The National Cafeteria Films Board presents this informative and educational film reel about the dangers of eating junk food. Directed by very old young man Danforth France.
Blind Date
The Poubelles greet Vic Valentine's hapless date at the front door and wind up on the Freaks and Weirdos DVD.
Quick time: .25MB .75MB
KCAL 9's "9 on the Town"
Segment on Miss Sue Nice's corsetry, featuring the Poubelles, Kitten DeVille, Augusta, Eden Wells and Sue having a "corsetry party."
Quick time: 1.7MB 4.8MB
"Evan and Gareth"
for (2005)
The twins and Uncle Roberto beat up Gareth.
Part 1 Part 2
Le Jeu de Kinderspiel - episodes 1-4
directed by Augusta / It's a Chick Productions (2003)
A series of shorts starring the twins as a pair of destructive pointe-shoe-clad dollies.
The Velvet Hammer Burlesque - documentary
directed by Augusta / It's a Chick productions (2002)
The first official Poubelle twins interview, conducted entirely in surly French. This film screened all over America and Australia. Read Variety's review here.
Quick time: 3MB
Ima Robot - "Dynomite" video
directed by Roman Coppola (2003)
making of
Toyota - "Viva Las Vegas"
directed by Stephen Kienzle, choreography by Carole Citrone(2004)
The twins dance as Vegas showgals with Toyota bigwig Jim Press. Screened at their 2004 convention.
Quick time: 1.5MB 4MB

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