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In this installment:
Le Slap Booth *Chaud* on Bastille Day TONIGHT!
Diary reading at Mortified!
BONUS! Titmouse MOOK release party and gallery show!

TONIGHT! Come get slapped - or just enjoy the accents - when you celebrate Bastille Day with
Les Poubelles at the genuine Frenchy restaurant Taix in Echo Park!

(one week from) TONIGHT! Listen to us read, Rashôman-style, a day in the life of 15-year-old Poubelles via their genuine diaries at one of the funniest-'cause-it's-true shows in town! It's Mortified Live!

Super special Bonus event!

THIS FRIDAY, July 16th, 7pm - midnight.

Titmouse Inc. - the people who bring you Metalocalypse and all the other coolest animation in town - releases their first Mook (magazine + book) with contributions by Tommy Blacha, Dave Cooper, Travis Millard, Jon Schnepp and more! Please join us to celebrate, look at art, have a drink and buy stuff at GhettoGloss gallery, 6109 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles. Poubelles will be off the clock but happy to say hi!

Las Poubelles

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