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We need you to vote, and you don't even have to visit a polling place!

Our own Princess Agoniya has made it to the Semi-finals of the
Miss Horrorfest III competition - it's a big deal!!

Two more videos are being posted this week, and the finalists decided on Monday the 11th.

How do you ensure our love for you? It's simple!

1) Right now: visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByK_utYecZw

2) Watch the video! It's only 3 minutes!

3) Rate it 5 stars and leave a comment about how you enjoyed it!

That's it! The next video will be posted on Thursday or Friday.
Don't worry, we'll remind you...

We're counting on you, Poubelle peeps! Make us proud!


Las Poubelles

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