009 – Pat Healy

Actor/writer/lovely human being Pat Healy joins us for a heartfelt discussion about horrible times, greater successes and his exquisite taste in film.  

You’ve already seen him in Magnolia, Ghost World, and ninety-eight other TV shows and movies; you will be seeing him in The Innkeepers and the controversial, 100% “tomato” Compliance.

Until then, you may follow him on TwitterFacebook and Tumblr.  Go ahead, he’s a sweetie.

You may also see him LIVE!
3/13 – Blam Blam Blam @ The R Bar
3/22 – The Rudy Casoni Show @ El Cid

Oh! And while you’re at it, watch his short film Mullitt! Okay, that’s it.  Enjoy the ‘cast.


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