010 – Brendon Small

Ever wondered what a chat with Brendon Small (Metalocalypse, Home Movies, general guitar virtuosiness) would sound like without a single mention of gear?  Yep, it’s an interview…  for the ladies. We gabbed with our pal about creative inspiration, the perils of fandom, his new album Galaktikon, and how to unbreak twins’ hearts. Warning: this podcast is rife with giggles.


Metalocalypse season 4 premieres 4/29 at 12:15am on [adult swim].
Galaktikon drops 4/29, too!  Visit Brendon’s website to buy your all CDs, MP3s, Hoodies, T-shirts and Vinyls!
“Like” Galaktikon at Facebook!
And pleeeeease make sure you follow him on Twitters!

Hm… for our Bonus Episode this week, how’s about we link to a free download of “On My Way” off the album.  Yeah, let’s do that…


And as for us twins…

4/26 – The Slap Booth *Chaud* at Billy’s Fish Fry at Wacko!
4/28 – Bibi sings with Hobo Jazz at Hip Kitty Jazz & Fondue in Claremont!
5/4 & 5/5 – Lucha VaVOOM!


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