011 – Lili Chin

This week we welcome Lili Chin – artist, animator, doggie enthusiast, and ice-cream creator. We discuss her WB series “Mucha Lucha,” our first meeting (involving a folding chair and concussion), Boogie the Dog with Issues (who *almost* got her on “The Dog Whisperer”) –  and we live-taste her delicious ice cream recipes (which she will gladly make for a new Agent). YUM!

(**fresh beats courtesy of Los Campeones de la Lucha Libre soundtrack!**)


Generalized Lili – lilichin.com
Doggie Drawings, Lili’s “pawesome” dog portrait services – doggiedrawings.net
Illustrated Ice Cream recipes – weallscream.net
Cyberdog videos – vimeo.com/fwak
Fwak Animation – fwakanimation.net 


Upcoming Poubelles a-plenty!

6/7 – Tulsa Skull Swingers @ 10:30pm, Club Tarantino / 3 Clubs
6/9 – Bibi & Marquis @ Midnight, The Tomorrow Show / Steve Allen Theater
6/10 – Tulsa Skull Swingers @ 8pm / The Punk Rock Museum with The Radioactive Chickenheads (1640 N. Spring Street)
6/20 – Tulsa Skull Swingers @ Redwood Bar with Lightnin’ Bill Woodcock
8/9 – 10th anniversary of Lucha VaVOOM! Tickets on sale July 9th!


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