008 – Mike O’Connell

We’ve hearted Mike O’Connell for his hilarious tunes (which you’ve no doubt heard on Funny Or Die, Jimmy Kimmel and live-on-stage). But we were delighted to find he’s also a purveyor of  songs to make you sad. The perfect guest for our Valentine’s show talks private language, (good) poetry, and the intricacies of alter egos. Please try to not fall in love with him too much.

Visit www.mikeoconnell.net

Watch videos for Asian Babies and What’s It Gonna Be?

Purchase his volume of odes entitled Impractical Pocket Poesy here!

And finally, something we barely touched on… Mike’s painfully pretty, unrelentingly insane, and ultimately touching film The Living Wake – screening now on Hulu.


And as for us twins, we’ll see you at Lucha VaVOOM February 14th & 15th, which will look a little like this. Our Valentine’s to you?  Bonus Track 008.

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