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October 31st, 2013
Slideshow: Halloween with Lucha Va VOOM
by Timothy Norris
Lucha VaVOOM opened their annual Halloween shows on Wednesday night to a sold out house at the Mayan Theatre in downtown. Get a glimpse of all the tricks and treats here. Who knows, you may want to change your costume to commando instead.
October 31, 2013
Slideshow: "Lucha Va VOOM Through the Years'"
by Drew Tewksbury
"A beautiful mutation of the sexo of burlesque shows and the violencia of Mexican wrestling, it has become an L.A. institution."
June 26th, 2009
Slideshow: "Lucha Va VOOM: 'We Got the Beat'"
by Timothy Norris
Fresh off the heels of its sold-out Cinco de Mayan fiesta, Lucha VaVoom returned to The Mayan for its 21st show, the summer spectacular "We Got The Beat," June 24 and 25.
May 21st, 2009
preview: "Ooh La La! Learn About 'A Secret Life of Twins'" by Alysia Gray Painter, photo by Robin Perine.
Oh, those tres magnifique Poubelle Twins. They're the toast of Lucha VaVoom and various vaudeville stages around town; now they've got a show devoted to duos. Le details...
LA Times
June 1st, 2008
by Charlotte Stout
feature: "Steve Allen Theater (of the Absurd)"
In depth article about the Steve Allen Theater, with shout out to the Poubelles' Slap Booth.
  The Velvet Hammer Burlesque
Die-Gestalten Press, 2008
by Michelle Carr
Beautiful hardcover book "presents photographs of the crew’s dancers and performers – a voluptuous ensemble of women – from their savvy, witty on-stage acts as well as a glimpse behind the curtain." With many Poubelle photos and a diary entry, too!
On Makeup Magazine
February 2008
feature: "Beauty Queen Beyond Burlesque" by James Vincent, photo by Brandon Showers.
Interview and photo of Las Poubelles.

  San Francisco Bay Guardian
December 14th, 2007
preview: "San Francisco Bay Guardian Picks" by Ezra Provost
Write up for the Poubelle Twins' appearance at Club Chuckles Four-Year Anniversary Show.
MetroMix Los Angeles
November 26th - December 2nd, 2007
preview: "Your Week on a Platter" by Alie Ward
Write up for the Poubelle Twins' calendar signing at Club Schmutzig.
Luchas 2000 #394
November 12th, 2007
feature: "Las Gemelas Poubelle ya conquistaron VaVOOM y ahora van por Mexico - !Bellas y Aguerradias!"by Alejandro Yañez y Roman De la Puente
The Poubelle Twins' second full-page feature in one of Mexico's biggest lucha libre magazines.
August 31st, 2007
Slideshow: "Lucha Va VOOM 5th Anniversary" by Timothy Norris
Hot August Night at the Mayan for wrestling and burlesque at the Mayan Theater. Tim Norris catches the high-flying action.
LA Times
August 30th, 2007
feature:"Going to the Mat for Victory" by Charlie Amter
Preview of Lucha Va VOOM's 5th Anniversary.
Luchas 2000 #376
July 9th, 2007
feature: "Celebrando 15 shows ininterrumpidos, LUCHAS 2000 estuvo en VAVOOM... !Felices y escandalosos XV!"
by Alejandro Yañez y Roman De la Puente
June 29th, 2007
slideshow: "Lucha Va VOOM 6/26" by Timothy Norris
Lucha Va Voom celebrates its quinceanera at the Mayan with Mexican masked wrestling and beautiful women
Luchas 2000 #357
February 26th, 2007
feature: "VaVOOM se tiño de azul y Misterio con Demon Jr. y Misterioso Sr.... La Fiesta Mas Caliente de Los Angeles"
by Mr Al y Roman De la Puente
Luchas 2000 #324
July 3rd, 2006
feature: "Mistico vs Averno y Mesphisto: La Rivalidad Llega Hasta Aqui Las Estrellas Locales Sensacional"
by Mr. Al
Luchas 2000 #306
February 27th, 2006
feature: "Amor, Lucha Libre y Burlesque: Todo Eso Es Va Voom" by Mauricio Valero
February 2006
feature: "The Tribes of LA" photo by Torkil Gudnason
Full page photo of Las Poubelles as part of the Lucha Va VOOM "tribe."
Luchas 2000 #291
November 7th, 2005
feature: "Lucha VaVOOM: Una Inolvidable Experiencia" by Mr. Al
Page after page of Lucha VaVOOM through the eyes of lucha libre's biggest publication.
October 28, 2005
feature: "VLife Weekend Uncovers the Girlie Shows" by Dana Harris
Brief write-up of Lucha Va VOOM with a quote from Fifi Poubelle
"Wear Your Own Fur" campaign by PETA's Kristen Herman.
Nationwide ad with David Cross and a couple Veras.

March - June, 2005
feature: "Wonder Twin Power" by Jen Hazen
Extensive interview with the wrestling Poubelle Twins.

February 2005
feature: "Viva Lucha"
Lucha Va VOOM on the eve of show # 8: Real Tough Love with Poubelle photos.
LA Alternative Press
October 15-28, 2004
feature: "Mucha Lucha for Las Muchachas" by Alyn O'Megalopolis
Exclusive interview with Bibi and Fifi Poubelle as they prepare for Lucha Va VOOM VII.
September 17, 2004
Review of the opening night of Green Day's "American Idiot" tour at the Henry Fonda theater with the Poubelle Twins.
September 17, 2004
Review of the opening night of Green Day's "American Idiot" tour at the Henry Fonda theater with the Poubelle Twins.
August 9-15, 2004
film review by Dennis Harvey
Glowing review of Augusta's "The Velvet Hammer Burlesque" documentary with Poubelles in a hottub.
Luchas 2000 #225
July 19th, 2004
feature: "El Misterioso presenta a sus nuevas aliadads: Las Gemelas Poubelle: ¡Bibi y Fifi!" by Chema Castro III
This giant of Mexican Lucha magazines does a full page interview with Bibi, Fifi and their beloved trainer Misterioso on the eve of their July 9th Tijuana debut against Juventud Guerrera.
February 2004
A review of Lucha Va VOOM: Valentine's Massacre II with a great review of the Poubelles' performance.
Burlesque and the New Bump and Grind
Speck Press, 2004
by Michelle Baldwin
Chronicle of the neo-burlesque movement includes a Poubelle photo.
The Pasadena Weekly
February 12-18, 2004
feature: "Love Hurts" by Pleasant Gehman
The twins give a rare glimpse into their Mexican wrestling training for Lucha Va VOOM: Valentine's Massacre II.

The Schecter Guitar 2004 catalog
photography by Johnny Indovina
The Poubelle Twins grace every page with their number-holding abilities.

The Advocate
June 22 - August 19, 2003
feature: "Va-va-va-voom" by Vincent Lopez
The Advocate pays tribute to the Velvet Hammer.

Rolling Stone Magazine
April 17, 2003
feature: "Cool 2003 - Your Pick: Cool Burlesque" by Erik Blair
Lucha Va Voom II in review with a couple mentions of the twins.
Back Stage West
March 27-April 2 2003
feature: "Strange Stages" by Cressandra Thibodeaux

A little blurb on the Poubelles at Lucha Va Voom II.

LA Weekly
March 7-13 2003
Style: "It's a Cinch" by Pleasant Gehman.
Miss Sue Nice, our corset designer and maker, gets her own full color spread in the LA Weekly, featuring the Poubelles.

The Independent Sunday Review
March 9, 2003
"The Show Must Go On" by Andrew Gumbel
A review of Lucha Va Voom 2 for the British rag The Independent with a masked Poubelle photo.
  Hustler's Leg World
April 2003
NightLife Lessons: "The Velvet Hammer Burlesque show" by Cherry Jubilee

A masterfully composed treatise, ultimately exploring the projection of self onto Other in the context of neo-feminism. Ms. Jubilee, as masochist/scopophilic, suggests -- then answers -- a revolutionary question: What becomes of the ego ideal when there is only the erotic object (woman) to observe? Moreover, she invites the reader to suspend disbelief, if only momentarily, with her highly improbable (and to the layman, laughable) description of her own “erotic” behavior in the midst of the larger audience. This, of course, brings into question the concept of “voyeuristic separation” upon which much, if not all, former cinematic (i.e. theatrical) discourse has been based.

For Ms. Jubilee’s complete dissertation, please click here.

Other works of interest:
Barthes, Roland. Mythologies. (1957)
Freud, Sigmund. Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality. (1962)
Mulvey, Laura. Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema. (1975)

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