Bibi and Fifi host Bricktops, with special guests Lola Tawdry and Fifi Piaf.
February 18th 2005 at the Parlour Club, West Los Angeles.
Bibi and Fifi Poubelle makes their introductions
(B&W photos by Marie Astrid Gonzalez. Special thanks to Josh Fadem, Chad Fogland and Danforth France)
Old friends Lola Tawdry and Fifi Piaf sing the classic "Men Are Good For Nothing" - and are greeted with jeers from a young hoodlum...
Lola is devastated, but Fifi handcuffs the wigga to a chair as Lola makes her triumphant return, Suicide Girl-style.

Meanwhile, Fifi makes a statement of her own about the older woman's REAL place in society (hint: the backseat of your car.)