Sunday, December 07, 2008

Beebs on The Sarah Silverman Program this Thursday?! YES. BONUS: Bibi’s Christmas Wish List

Sarah marries her pup ! 12.11; 10:30; "Comedy Central" the television station.

 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

Sos I don't have to answer the barrage of emails that will inevitably pour in Thurs night/Fri morning, Sarah and Laura are sweet as pie (it is universally known that Jay is a doll, right?)

Ok, as for the BONUS:

1. A 35-mm still camera
2. Any Harry Nilsson cds
3. This guy's head on a platter, doesn't need to be silver (hold on - will post it tomorrow when I get to woik and can upload the screen capture)
4. More thigh-high socks
5. Gift certificates to Pho Siam Thai Massage
6. An aurora borealis nose-bone that won't lose its jewel after a week (tired of you, Claire's Accessories-brand nose rings)
7. White Capezio fishnets
8. For all women everywheres to never talk on their cellphone as they walk down the street by their own selves so this don't happen to them at the hands of crazed gangbanger-ettes:
IMG 3140 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
9. A pile of poo (j/k)
10. Boots - tall ones.
11. For Fifi to win Miss HorrorFilm - VOTE SO I CAN GET ME AN EARLY CHRISTMAS PRESSIE !!!
12. Minidresses...see the scene in Slogan where Jane Birkin is dancing with the wardrobe doors for the exact style I am missing...

I'll end it at 12....seems like a lucky enough number.



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