2001 - French Maids
Fifi and Bibi Poubelle appeared on the Velvet Hammer Burlesque revue's doorstep; no one remembers placing a "Help Wanted" ad, and stranger still, the matter of who actually hired these two French Maids remained hotly contested. The twins performed nearly 50 shows with the troupe, until their departure in 2005.

Quoth the Velvet Hammer:
"These former Siamese twins have been 'dismissed' from some of the best households of Europe, leaving a trail of unexplained crib deaths, poisonings, and mysterious odors. Since their engagement with the Velvet Hammer began, six seven difficult performers have disappeared without a trace."

2002 - Luchadoras
The Poubelles' first match was a catfight at Lucha VaVOOM I, pitting twin against twin. It wasn't long before they began training in earnest, first with Super Boy, and then extensively with El Misterioso. They've since gone on to wrestle in LA, Tijuana, Chicago and more. photo

Lucha libre legends with whom they've shared the ring include Blue Demon Jr., Tsuki, Nicho El Millonario (Psychosis), Juventud Guerrera, Mascarita Sagrada, Cassandro, El Misterioso, Super Parka, Durango Kid, Halloween, Damian 666 and more.

2003 - 2005
photoThe twins started 2003 with a private birthday party for artist Mark Ryden. They appeared in the Ima Robot video "Dynomite" directed by Roman Coppola, starred in a series of shorts by Augusta entitled "Le Jeu de Kinderspiel," and opened Green Day's 2004 club tour with an a cappella rendition of "Letterbomb," filmed for a forthcoming documentary by John Roecker. They also shot a lovely segment for Weird TV directed by Willia Drew.

photoBibi and Fifi's first full-length interview appeared in Venus magazine. They were also featured in Lemonade, Luchas 2000, and Burlesque and the New Bump and Grind (Speck Press) amongst others. Their 2005 mini-calendar, produced with Sympathy for the Record Industry, debuted at the Poubelles' very own signing party at Meltdown Comics.
Dana Gould Luchas 2000          

The Poubelle Twins appeared in The Treasures of Long Gone John, a documentary about their beloved friend. They premiered a brand new cabaret act with Mr. Uncertain (aka "Uncertwin") at the grand opening of Kitty Diggins' Dandy Club, and were interviewed on the radio program Strange Angels, where Bibi sang from her Suki Tawdry album. The twins wrestled with Lucha VaVOOM in Los Angeles, performing three sold out shows three times a year. At the Halloween 2006 show, they proudly debuted their new poster by artist Sah.
Paper Magazine Sah Poster          

Bibi and Fifi began go-go dancing with the Tulsa Skull Swingers, with residencies at Taix and the Steve Allen Theater. They appeared in numerous issues of Mexico's Luchas 2000 magazine, including a full page article, as well as on the cover of No-Fi Magazine. They were featured on Mun2's The Chicas Project.

In August, the twins performed at the 5th anniversary of Lucha VaVOOM. And to celebrate the release of their 2008 calendar (photo by Robin Perine, design by Sah), they debuted their Siamese twins burlesque act at Club Schmutzig, which they also performed in San Francisco.

Birds of Prey LVV Weird TV tss LVV No Fi Magazine LVV
Chicas Project hootchy calendar signing sf  

Bibi and Fifi performed their axe-wielding Grady Twins burlesque number at number of venues, incluing Kubrilesque and Supernova A-Go-Go at the San Diego Comic Con. They appeared in The Velvet Hammer Burlesque, a beautiful book documenting the troupe, as well as in the debut issue of On Makeup magazine.

They also wrestled at the very first Girlie Girl Catfight Show, and premiered their wildly popular, audience-participation act, Le Slap Booth *Chaud*, where Las Poubelles slap you - for fun!

The twins continued to make regular appearances with Lucha VaVOOM, the Tulsa Skull Swingers, the Rudy Casoni Variety Show, Victory Variety Hour and more.

Roast LVV On Make Up Magazine Kubrilesque LVV Rudy Casoni Agoniya



The twins proudly won Miss March at the Sunset Striptacular; filmed a 3D music video for The New York Dolls; wrestled a pair of crooked 70s cops as drug dealers / rollergirls at Lucha VaVOOM.

On May 23rd, they debuted their very own show A Secret Life of Twins to a sold-out audience at the Steve Allen Theater.

They also made their international debut at the Hootchy Kootchy
Klub of Stockholm, Sweden, where they wrestled and performed Le Slap Booth *Chaud*.

trophy LVV Girlie Girl Robin Perine LVV LVV Lucha Va VOOM
Girlie Girl Halloween Hootchy hootchy Victory Variety Hour    


They started the year featured in Kevin Hanley's "Seams Like Sometimes" photography exhibit; revived their Grady Twins act for both Kubrilesque and Lucha Va VOOM; performed at benefits for Twentywonder and LA Weekly's LA Weekend; read their teenage diaries to the audience of Mortified; and slapped many a face and bum at Le Slap Booth *CHAUD*.

But undoubtedly their favorite experience was appearing as their original French Maid characters alongside a real-life Boogie Boy in DEVO's brand new video for "What We DO," to debut early 2011.
Rockin Bones LVV Rockin Bones slap Rudy LVV  

Lucha VaVOOM! TwentyWonder benefit! And most importantly, the launch of their "poucast" The Slap Booth Show!
LVV DEVO LVV LVV slapbooth    

Lucha VaVOOM's 10th anniversary! Justice's "Day of the Dead" video! Holiday postcard!

Queen's of the Stone Age's "Vampyre of Time and Memory" video! Lucha VaVOOM shotgun wedding!
Cholitas Poubelles! Jungle Poubelles!

Lucha VaVOOM! Dave Stewart's Rock N' Roll Circus! John Ennis's Country Western Show!
And their very own 2015 Calendar!

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