Tuesday, May 24, 2005

update: guess what we did today

this one was taken with a spectre-scopic lens...

another hint

ok, i'll tell ya. we are at Sympathy for the Record Industry mogul Long Gone John's modest Long Beach castle...this year, Fif' and i have been living large off the sales of our Sympathy calendars, and this is thanks to the only couth* and tasteful "generous benefactor" i know - Mr. LGJ. well, i should have learned from my experiences answering ads when i was struggling to get through college. namely - "nothing comes for free, sister"...Greg Gibbs is currently shooting a documentary on the grand man and his amazing collection of art, his record co, and his admirable life in general, and we French maids were called over to do a little complimentary spring cleaning before the cameras began to roll...these photos were taken after we had finally dusted every last Little Miss No Name, every gnome, every dewey-eyed Ryden masterpiece. can you tell that Fifi is about ready to pass out from inhaling a cat's worth of hair? prolly not - she hides it pretty well.

*yeah, yeah - not a word

Sunday, May 22, 2005

guess what we did today

here's a hint:

i'll write more later after i get back from celebrating the beautiful and talented Cassandro's birthday tonight. of this thing i promise with all my heart.


FOLLOW-UP: Cassandro's b-day was funtastic. we started at El Conquistador, and ended up at Le Barcito in Silver Lake, where a man tried really hard to get me to hang out with him in the ladies' room...after i demurred in my highest, sweetest voice for a minute or so and accomplished nothing, i walked outside and washed my painted face in the water running along the pavement of Sunset Blvd. later, lying in bed, eyes glazed over as i stared at the ceiling, i decided it might be best to lay off my arm curls for a month or so.


ps. do i really look like a man?

Sunday, May 15, 2005

on the lo(o)se with kat woman and the rest of my weekend.

cheerleader melissa catching some air (and kat)

well, hello there.

why yes, that was me in the crowd at the King City County Annual Fairplex Fair and Livestock Auction this past weekend ! why? well, let me tell you all about it. my Weekend that Lasted One Million Years began on thursday night, when i went to pick up my amiga oaxaqueña (and my sister in wrestling, who gave me my first mask) Kat Woman , from L.A.X. and ended up waiting for a good two hours while customs tried to convince her that she was someone else who, unfortunately, has been living in the united states illegally for some time and, therefore, should really be carted off to the pokey. luckily she speaks english well, has had plenty of experience dealing with customs before, and has the patience of a saint. all this aside, she LOOKS WHITE, and it was this that turned out to be one of the more important factors in them letting us go, as a racisty comment from one of the customs folks revealed. we made it out with some vaguely threatening advice to keep in mind for "next time". i dunno.

afterwards we ate some empanadas con flor de calabaza at one of the precious few oaxacan restaurants in L.A. - Monte Alban in West Los Angeles - and headed home so that we could get up nice and early and begin the long journey up to hayward, california the next morning for her first show with the wrestling outfit All Pro Wrestling.

the show went well, despite her losing to the ever-intimidating Cheerleader Melissa, who is this week's New Favorite Person. i am thinking Kat was just thrown off by the fella in the wife-beater who repeatedly stood up to shout "huh, you're not Halle Berry !" i suppose lucha libre fans can be just as embarrassing, but at least they have those pretty trills to fancy up their lackluster insults.

saturday, we drove two hours down to King City for the next match, which was at the fair. i hadn't really done my research, and was surprised to find that it was at an honest to god, big-deal fair with hay and livestock and an amateur talent competition....and a rodeo, and creepy carnies, and an auction, and seals playing with water hoses. Kat hadn't seen anything like this before, so we spent much of our pre-show time just wandering around and laughing. i met the cutest baby goat in the world, and also saw a tumor grilling away at one of the barbecue stands.

this is Nikki the New York Knockout...she is all smiles now, but she wasn't after she saw me posing with her boyfriend, the most dreamiest, crystal-clear blue-eyed wrestler in the world, Nathan Rulez.

Nikki took it out on poor Kat during their match - after Kat's tope went terribly wrong and she crashed to the ground, giving herself a concussion, Nikki jumped up and down on her for a bit, blaming a fan for "pushing (her)" and they were eventually, after an eternity, both counted out. while Kat writhed around on the floor of the locker room, trying to catch her breath and recover her equilibrium, Nikki's five other boyfriends all ran to her and offered her water, silk dressing robes, and velvet cushions. Nathan and I were nowhere to be found at this time.

we drove home right after the show, exhausted and dazed, in order to get a few hours sleep before i drove her back to L.A.X...and then i had just enough time to rush down to the Ramada Inn for the very last night of The Pretty Okay Ho-Hum Spectacular on Ice. i was very distraught with sadnesses. so much so, that the only photo i remembered to take was of Josh Fadem with peach all over his face.*

well, hell - i can't decide if i want to use capitalization or not...i don't really like it aesthetically, but i don't want to look like a moron either...for similar reasons, i chickened out on using "ourselfs" again, even though i think it is cute and funny. what do you guys think?


*wow. this photo has gotten an extraordinarily high number of hits. i am reminded of an oft-used expression from Isle of Man resident and frostpinni consumer Michael Daedalus Kenny - please know, dear readers, that in describing this photo i was not employing a "euphemism".

Sunday, May 08, 2005

what else do two twins spend their time doing?

welllllll, we waste lots of precious time on MYSPACE for one...come find us, wontcha? just type in bibi poubelle or perhaps fifi poubelle....les deux filles even gots our own myspace group, thanks to the prettiest lassie in ventura, alisa.

what else? tonight i spent my time at the RMW show ring-girling and comparing waist sizes with super porky...he put his mitts around my middle and declared, "Necesitas comer mas."; i put mis manos on the outskirts of his panza and asked, "¿Qué pasó?"

also, when i've recently had an angry conversation with a lover, i like to replay it over and over in my head, honing for myself ever more quietly eloquent final words, as well as creating the resulting reactions of epiphanal* awe which said words inspire in my partner.


*not really a word, i understand.

Friday, May 06, 2005

¡ ba boom ama chicago !

good news, everyone: two twins are back home again after another successful excursion to chicago - this time for cinco de mayo...after sleeping most of the flight over, we arrived well after midnight on thursday morning and, despite an early call time for our guest spots on the news, we went out for breakfast (y cerveza, gracias a los bolsillos grandes de durango y chilango) with durango kid, chilango, black tiger, and misterioso...

after two hours of sleep, we did our faces, hopped in the minivan and headed over to the studio, where a ring had been set up outside. it was f-in' freezing. we did some spots in front of a live audience of high school journalism students, along with solar, misterioso, and the ever glamourous cassandro. the real heroes in the ring turned out to be jordan knight of new kids on the block fame, and his equally cute lil pal from 98 degrees whose name i really wish i could remember. they were there promoting their new albums (who knew??) and somehow managed to find themselves in the ring with our boys. very good sports, they were.

we went home to rest a little, then off to the beautiful congress theatre...as usual, the cast and luchadores of Lucha Va Voom were amazing, and i think it is safe to say that every last one of the 1,550 chicageños who came to see us were fantastically supportive and made up one hell of an audience. las poubelles enjoyed ourselfs thoroughly...uh, except for the spiked beverage/cursed cat mask "incident"...another strange thing - after our bow, some dude nobody knew convinced us all to get into the ring. all of a sudden, half the audience was in there with us, everyone jumping up and down, all the buxoticas wobbling on their six inch heels, dancing with one chaparro after another - picture a rave in someone's single apartment, only with cerveza instead of drugs and much more tasteful music -surreal...it dawned on me that the whole ring was about ready to collapse and so i got out, as did everyone else - except for poor kitten deville. she found herself trapped in the middle of a pack of hungry revelers and had to be saved by roky roulette, who heroically threw his silk boxing robe around her and rushed her off - but not before her little candy drawers were savagely torn off...¡que lástima!

two posey twins

some photos from the match:

i can't believe i kicked the baby

nothing to see here

that mask sure made me hate my twin.

stop thinking it !!!!

still reeling from my time under the influence, i wasn't really up for the onion's afterparty at the liar's club, and instead ended up having a peaceful post-show meal with lucha va voom producer liz fairbairn, blue demon junior, rey misterio senior, luchamania promoter ruben, fmll promoter roque, cassandro, solar, fifi and nicho el millonario, who not only shared his salad with fifi, but graciously picked up the tab with a million dollar bill.

the plane ride home was just as entertaining as the show. on board we had señor amor, don julio the earl of echo park, roky, summer peaches, bad-ass-superstud-super-hero gitano magno p.i., derby doll stabitha, fifi and my new favorite person on the planet - sugar pie. gitano initiated conversation with a (n underaged) girl named vanessa, who was seated in the middle of our chaos, and she drew our big-headed portraits - including this one of senor at his 1s and 2s, being supported by the poubelles - how cryptically symbolic.

vanessa's drawing

you may notice that the plug has been pulled from the wall - this is her interpretation of when the power went out during the show, just as summer was about to go on RUINING EVERYTHING. not shown: 1,550 people booing pobrecito señor for a mistake that wasn't even really his fault for the most part only a little!!

anyway, we love you chicago - what a great crowd. are any of y'all out there?? send us a note !!