Sunday, April 30, 2006


Blaine Capatch and Dana Gould emerging from one of the many beautiful classic cars that we gets to ride in courtsey of Blessing of the Cars

oh, Jeff-how we love riding with you every show !!

and the show begins:

and so we rematched. and Fif' was on fire:

a little bit amazingy a shot:

my post-plancha twinny:

post-tope suicida me-ey:

she's beautiful when she is angry, ain't she?:

and, um, this time we won:

victory dancin' !!:

all photos courtsey of the amazing DON SPIRO !!! please, if you wanna use one, give the man credit and drop him a prop or two !!

well, mi gente, thanks for joining us on this wacky adventure ! just sos you know, tickets for LVV Flyin' at the Mayan went on sale this week, and as all three nights sold out in february, i suggest that y'all purchase 'em soon ! except for that drunk guy who snuck up behind me and wrapped his slimey arms around my waist at last thursday's show as a way of just "tryna help"...for you, in lieu of the thursday show, please call you sponser, have him take you to get a cup of coffee, and take a good, hard stab at Step 4.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

for i'm not joking with you...

hello friends,

this is bibi poubelle speaking to you from the comfort of her cozy apartment, here in beautiful downtown los feliz, california. as i have been sitting at my desk, listening to the gentle pitter-pat of the raindrops falling outside my window, considering which of my various tales of la vida lucha i might share with those who tune into the Poubelle Twins' twinterview on Glenn Zucman's Strange Angels radio programme tomorrow morning, a strange memory came to experience not mine directly, but one i find so knee-slappingly guffawful? guaranteed to "please you off"? ok, downright offensive enough that i feel compelled by the angels to share it.

and rather than use my own sleepy brain to paraphrase (must be aaaalllllllllll the way down in the lbc by 8:30 - makes me tired already !) i further thought i'd allow the original emails which a fellowette wrestler forwarded to me to simply and eloquently (such a thing as "outsider articulate?") provide just one shining example of what it is to work as a lady in the wide world of wrestling.

and perhaps you were guessing that it was the piledrivers which made us think twice about putting our lives, limbs, and wholly f'able asses out there for the glory of the ring? sorry, but there are much more repulsive fates awaiting us before we even step inside of it...

INITIAL LETTER from my friend:


How's it going? Just wondering if I can possibly do a match with the twins at one of those lite shows you may start running again? I'm so frustrated. I just got back from an unbelievable trip to (LOCATION WHERE ONLY THE FINEST WRESTLERS ARE ASKED TO COMPETE) and i come back and like, no wrestling. I know (OTHER MALE PROMOTER) doesn't believe women should be in wrestling, but can ya give us a push? Anyway I hope you had a nice thanksgiving. I'll talk to you soon.



see you have been doing the wrong guys. you should do the booker to get booked. i like sexual favors. he,he,he,he,he,he,he,..... now don't get all upset and attitude, for i'm joking with you. but at the same time i'd fuck you like you have not been fucked before friend!!!!!!

look. it's just like this. i put the book in (ABOVE MENTIONED OTHER MALE PROMOTER'S) hands for the sat. event's but with the shows that we will be doing on wed. night's starting in jan. 2006 i will indeed be booking talent that does not get a push on the sat. shows. i don't know the date for that first wed. night show yet. but is there another girl around to make it a tag match?

also you need to keep in mind that these wed.night shows are small and the pay off will also be very small.

note* see you have to admit. at least when i told you that we can fuck as friends and live on in peace. i never gave you any bullshit lines the way all of these other guys did with you just so that they could fuck you. then forget about you. hey i was honest with you/no drama.

hey i have a dick, what can i say. well keep in touch with me, you don't need to ask anyone else at all to get booked for

we use to talk and i remember helping you out with (YOUR BOYFRIEND) . so what happend? you just stopped talking to me about things.


with a heavy heart and the taste of bile on my palate,
bibi ann