Sunday, June 19, 2005

too many topics to list.

i got them photos to print out of my digital camera into my blog !! now it is up to you to go searching through each of my old entries to find the new photos !! how fun for all !!!!!!!


ps. stephen laroche, paging m. stephen laroche. you have a telephone call at the front desk...your email to me was stolen from my inbox and i would like to respond to you. please resend, my friend.

hell, there is something wrong with our blogger account and i can't add a new blog until we figure it i will just keep writing here ! i am so much a smart girl.

tuesday i learned that blob-o-vision animation can be rewarding to watch, if done with many intricate layers which allow your eyes to focus and refocus as your mind lazily creates what you would like to be seeing on the screen - the key? SILENCE. no break-beats, no jarring lonely-horn...i felt that cool, lightheaded sensation of perhaps being on a drug or two while watching some of the last films of stan brakhage. then i learned that i really adore the bursting sound of an empty wine glass shattering at the end of a nice dinner at an airy french restaurant. i did not do it on purpose, but i am glad that it happened.

wednesday i relearned what a simple and profound pleasure it is to drink sake with a girl-friend in little tokyo and then head down to see a film at the orpheum, one of the magnificant old movie palaces on broadway ...i haven't been to a Last Remaining Seats screening for several years, and was i ever thrilled to experience this reinitiation in the form of "The Son of the Sheik"...that night i couldn't sleep for dreaming of the baby-soft face and strong, defined, rapin'-arms of Rudolph Valentino...i blame this girl for such an entertaining and rewarding night ---> mi amiga preciosa Veronique

ALSO, last weekend, i learned that there is something in the water up in ventura that makes the boys there as sweet as pie and as generous with their time as a poet wearing a hospital bracelet. THANK YOU THANK YOU, to Chris and Martin who took me around for hours promoting for Lucha Ba Boom . a special thanks to Chris for demonstrating how bloody funny it is when he hits his delicate little noggin on the seatbelt thingy in Martin's car.





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Monday, June 13, 2005

Annecy 2005.


annecy the town - quaint enough to have cobblestone streets, modern enough to have self-cleaning toilets. surrounds a crystal-blue lake and is surrounded by mountains. there are castles in the hills. i ate breakfast every morning overlooking the canal, where i could watch two twin ducks who just wanted to nap in peace even though it was broad daylight, just like fifi and i like to do. i lunched in italy on thursday.

annecy the international animated film festival - probably the most social and purely relaxing festival around. when not too hung over, a morning screening at the easy hour of 10.30 is best followed by a three hour lunch of kier, wine, courses, discourses, dessert, and then maybe an evening screening (siesta?) followed by..who knows? dinner? a stroll by the lake? before returning to the same pub from the night before...

the international aspect brings a wide range of films from all over, and it would not be unlikely to see a technically supreme, fast-paced, rack-focus-heavy c.g. japanese action piece, a jumpy-lined bulgarian audience pleaser, and a boring abstract blob-o-vision N.F.B. short, for instance, all in one sitting !!

and then there are the film-makers themselves...i always come away from the festival just as excited by the people i have met...this year fifi and i were reunited with the preciousness of the krause twins, will and fran who we predictably chickened out on asking to marry us again...i was not disciplined enough to take a 2005 photo of the four of us, so here is one from the ottawa international film festival in 2000.

four twins.

marty and elaine's son, upright-bass player, and consummate charmer john andrews (who i think also runs klasky-csupo, inc. an animation studio here in los angeles) caught us up on all the gossip we could think to inquire about

and i had the pleasure of dining with the most beautifully elegant sleepy-eyed japanese woman ever, susie sumimoto, who works with the plucky and delightful director of the hiroshima international film festival, sayoko kinoshita.

i also had the honor of getting to know the ensorcelling ants-in-the-pants capriciousness of animator john dilworth, who claims that his head will not fall off if his neckerchief is removed.

also from a couple years ago in front of everyone's favorite pub in annecy. mischa aldashin is the one on the left, and his film with the little girls who daintily cry out "heyhey, heyhey" is one of my favorite things that i love. the one of the right is jim duffy, my first hero.

the witch of annecy

we judged a *&^*&^*&ING lip sync contest - PARENTAL ADVISORY: THIS BLOG RATED PG13

lip sync big stink 2

check this shit out. that's us, having just judged the goddamned a-diction lip sync big stink 2 on June 3rd. we are just chilling with co-judges Paris Hilton (who, i believe, is drinking beer from that cocktail glass) and Abe Lincoln, and the hot babe hostess on the First Street Bridge, is all.

you can also lookit some more images here...those of you who read over these blogs more than once, may recall that i had mentioned a particular photo before...i have feeling that this was the wrong thing to do, since it is now in the lead for number of viewings...or was it the RIGHT thing to do all along? madonna *slap* whore! *slap* madonna !! *SLAP* WOMAN DRESSED AS A JAPANESE SCHOOL GIRL !! *whaddya-expect-shrug* alright.

wait a sec. i am under-representing how much of a holy-fuck fucking great time i had at this thing...after the contest, abe, paris, fifi and i piled into our impeccably dressed host's radical er...camaro??. we peeled out and around Little Pedro's for a quick spin, and as i tried to steady my pint glass to my face from my cushy spot in the back bucket-seat, my feet (or, more importantly - my shoes) out the sun roof, and with..was it Heart? blaring on the audio system, i thought to myself...i wrestle Mexican men in my shiny vinyl outfits and spandex masks, and yet i can still spend a random Friday night being properly stimulated in a freshly surreal way....thank you, Infinite Universe. thank you, Life. and you know what? thank you, Los Angeles.


ps. sorry for my potty-mouth, not really though.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

that's it - we're leaving !!!

for annecy, france that is ! for the annual animated film festival there! this coming week is our favorite week of the whole world of all of france (and we have a lot of favorite weeks in france, considering we were born there). we have been going to annecy since 2000, but that ain't saying nothing - this is the 40th anniversary of the first time our dear papa (oh, yeah - did you know we have a famous animator dad? he directed a couple little shows called g.i.joe, jem, take a break :30 - complete resumé available upon request...) swung across the channel from london to france (in purple crushed velvet suit, if i am not mistaken...) in order to take in the most innovative animations of europe and, of course, to spend the other 95% of the day taking in kier in the garden right outside of the screening centre. here are some images from previous visits, in order to whet the appetite while we are away...

see how blurry this is? i guess the camera had as much wine as we did. yep, i sure guess so.

thankfully, these things happen a lot in annecy (drinking a glass of....while having an interesting conversation with a....):

not from annecy, but close enough...

can you tell that every single person in every single photo is drunk? it is alright...we are drunk from good french wine. (makes a difference, as i know you know)

please think of us while we are away. fifi and i are traveling alone, and you never know what two twins might get up to on a trans-atlantic flight, considering cocktails are freedotdotdot

avec amour,

ps. thanks Lala.