Thursday, October 26, 2006

send us YOUR LVV Halloween 2006 photos !

the very first one we recieved was with the lovely SeƱora Star !

since then we've been happy to have Miss Lourdes send one on over:

Photo Hosted at Buzznet

and i happened to find this one by following links and snooping:

Photo Hosted at Buzznet

i almost forgot to introduce this mysterious stranger to the Horrifying Realm of the Undead, i was so taken by his gorgeous goat:

Photo Hosted at Buzznet

here we have World Famous Mikey the PA of Where My Dogs At?

Photo Hosted at Buzznet

we want more, we want more !!! send 'em to us, por favor !!!

bibi la vampira

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

TWINCESSES IN FULL EFFECT (and spooning with Lucky McKee) ((and and LVV HALLOWEEN !!!!))

what up?

fifi has been all up in my business because she doesn't find the ironical humor of my last post being about LAST december funny. what can i say? i got a lot going down. and luckily, SHE has been being a good girl and blogging aaaaaaall about it.


in case your clickin'-mouse is broked, i'll tell you a secret about what that link up there is all about. well, only an animated pilot that we made up in our crazy twin heads that our good friends, and the most handsome men in animation (check out the "virgo party" pix, and please know that i ain't dissin' the handful of super-sezzy broads who work here, too.) green lighted. yeah, i said it - GREEN LIGHTED (OR IS IT LIT?) A PILOT !!! yeah, we all hollywood now - and allow me to illustrate what i mean by "hollywood" with a story from the other night, when i left the studio - which is in hollywood - and my car was re-directed by the coppers so that it wouldn't run over the DEAD MAN WHOSE BODY LAY HANGING OFF THE PAVEMENT INTO THE STREET*...(have been combing the LAPD blog for info - nothing.)

in other news, i was up late the other night recording spoons and vocals for lucky mckee's new film "Roman", directed by the even-more-lovely-in-person angela bettis. running the show? one of the purest and most delightful ladies that i love on earth, miss jaye luckett i credit luck' and luckett with being two of maybe six reasons i believe i was meant to attend USC...whotta honor to work with them now. and to meet papa mckee, who i hear i am never to mention my film starring ben and ed to...



PS. LVV HALLOWEEN 2006 is upon us - COME COME COME !!!

*i am also reminded of the recent situation concerning the human fecal matter found all over the wall in the lobby of the studio or the conversation i had today while walking back from lunch, with the wiry, shirtless ukranian man who eagerly shared his thoughts on america's bad habit of overconsumption until another man interrupted him, claiming to have a "question for the lady"...i continued walking, the ukranian man's melodic voice crying "no, she's MY lady" wafting behind me