Friday, September 14, 2007


FIRST: Guess who is gonna be on the telly Saturday ??!!

The lovely ladies of The Chicas Project came down to Lucha VaVoom's Quince show and approached us two Poubellitas about showing them some wrestly moves...they did a great job training with us and you can watch the proof of it this Saturday, September 15 on Mun2. For those of you who have cable, please check with your local provider for channel info.

DIRECTV - Channel 410
DISH Network - Channel 838

And for a sneak peek feast your eyes here.

Chicas, where were you when I was 13, crying in a ball in my bed because I thought my thighs were too hefty? If only you could have saved me como Fantasmas de la Navidad Futura...

SECOND: Guess who is in the LA WEEKLY this week on page 172??!!

Yeah, you're right. How'd you figure it out so fast?