Saturday, November 24, 2007

It ain't easy being two twins who dance together even remotely sexy-style.

we wuv our wuddle wite up !

and the Awie Ward who wote it !!

Wead here, pwease.

 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
Alie 'n' us at the LVV 5th Anniversary show last August.

vewy, vewy cutewy,
B 'n' F

Monday, November 19, 2007

What the Poubelles have been up to: A very long blog.

Oh, we've been busy babies, baby.

Firstly, early October we had the pleasure of working with consummate darlings Shawn Michael Foster, Lola La Belle, Craig Bernard and the numerous other sweethearts at BreakOut, filming the pilot "Burlesque Noire". Fif' and I play two (count 'em - TWO !) twins, Julie and Jen - the smart talkin' henchlings of burly-q club madam Cora. We performed our legendary Jumelle Tromperie act, one of our very few burlesque numbers. It turned out to be so hotsie-totsie that Fifi had to spend a night in the slammer til we learned to keep it under control.

 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
(Ah, not for reals - we were just kiddin' around on the set, George Clooney-style)

The following weekend, we were treated to a photoshoot produced by Turning Pictures pistol Kate Turning. Not only did we have the pleasure of being directed by Kate, but our hair was did by one of the angels we adore most in the world, Carlitos Ortiz (he is smart to set his MySpace profile to private- to even know OF him is to love him, and who has time to deal with all that all over the place?? Not Carlos. He is too busy.) and his devilish accomplice Darlin' Dennis. And if this weren't enough, please imagine us in eight different Louis Verdad originals...I will not give away the concept before Ms. Turning completes the piece, but from the peek we sneaked of the mockup , it isn't like anything we've ever done before. AND WE LOVE IT ALREADY !

Whatelsewhatelse...saw beautiful Bunraku puppet show complete with delicate-flower-weeping puppet who throws herself off a cliff for love (my favorite style of puppet) thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Friend, who treated me, along with Eddie Mort, who has created some lovely Poubelle inspired art run on sentence recently.  - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

Ok, back to business.

The Tulsa Skull Swingers featuring those lovely and mysterious Go-Go Ghouls were in full effect this Halloween season, performing at Tomorrow Show, Garage Comedy, and Taix - you know, the distinguished old French restaurant across from The Brite Spot.

If we thought that sweating under El Cid's hot lights at Garage Comedy was a load of work...
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...we soon learned that that was nuthin', honey ! How about the time when, after our second of three nights of the Lucha VaVoom Halloween edition, we headed straight over to Taix for a midnight TSS show? Look here: we started out like this --->
 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet and everything was just fine. Even after we incorporated into it a little bit of this ---> - Photo Hosted at Buzznet things seemed like they were gonna be alright, no problems, no worries. But then, some of these --->  - Photo Hosted at Buzznet showed up and from there a substantial load of this --->  - Photo Hosted at Buzznet popped up on top of all the --->  - Photo Hosted at Buzznets and the --->  - Photo Hosted at Buzznets. We made it all across the lounge, from our go-go-boxes and back, our kneehigh patent leather go-go boots never once touching the ground...Hey look !  - Photo Hosted at BuzznetIt's Ricardo Montoya of Culture Clash before he caught me flying off one of the aforementioned --->  - Photo Hosted at Buzznets...what is he about to do with that...what is that, a DONUT? ON A ROPE????? Ay, only one way to find out what he was about to do with that Donut-on-a-Rope, my friend - only one way. COME TO THE NEXT SHOW YAY !

Ok theeeeeeeeeeeeen... "So, where are the Lucha VaVoom, pics? You mentioned Lucha VaVoom way back there, remember?" asks and states you. Well, I have not been able to get my mitts on any of those photos yet and I promise that when I do, I will put them up with loving care....but perhaps this article will hold ya over til then?  - Photo Hosted at Buzznet It is from the latest issue of Luchas 2000 and we have nene writer and photographer for this esteemed lucha libre magazine, Roman, to thank. This is the second time we've been lucky enough to have an article written about us in L-2K..check out the first one, which was written after our first show in TJ, July 2004 here, if you please ! PS. I know two girls who are having a bit more fun in their dead serious profession of lucha libre now...those are badages over our little vampire hearts from where we'd been staked...those are a belt and a ball and chain in our hands, because we were about to go beat the bejesus out of some luchadores during a lumberjack match (sorry to trick you into watching an American-style wrestling match - just trying to illustrate "lumberjack match")

Ok, well that pretty much wraps up it up for this recap of our adventures...'cept I got one last lil tidbit to drop. Has to do with recording a voice for my superfavorite Devin Flynn. I initially fell in love with YSS when previous fates allowed me to contribute to 4 with my Final Cut skillz - yup, the C-Stilt sequence and no less, and it will be a while before this episode I talked in will debut, but I can't help but mention it now. Makes me feel warm inside - warm with happy pride, ya know? So watch out And I'll most certainly keep you posted as well, friends.

Ok, it is after three in the morning. Time to turn this in to the teacher...oh geez ! I almost forgot !!!


We recently released our 2008 calendar and are having a signing party this coming Thursday ! Please ! Everyone ! Come and celebrate with us ! Details below-oh-oh !!

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We will be performing on the small stage for the first time in almost two years and are very excited about it. The club is bundles of fun, at the beautiful El Cid flamenco restaurant. We would love to see all our dear old friends and meet some new ones !! And sell some calendars, of course. Aren't you curious about when "Hello Day" is? We got yer answer right here !

B ('n' F, too)

PS. Thank you kindly to Tammy Golden for all the Taix pictures !!! I have wanted to for a long time !