Wednesday, December 19, 2007

a lil something, Marie Astrid-style

We love Marie Astrid and we are honored have taken part in her project "The Ultimate Reveal". You can get teased, ever so slightly, by this promo film right about here.

Marie found us when we performed with our alter egos Lola Tawdry and Fifi Piaf at the late, great Bricktop's in 2005. The main difference between our alter egos and us? They hate doing sit-ups and/or leg-lifts. Otherwise, they are ever' bit as sexy and fun and attracted to young hoods like the gent handcuffed to the chair (for a blow by blow of the show, please visit this thing here).

MarieAstrid 007 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

If you happen across any photographic evidence of our appearance at Club Chuckles' 4th Anniversary show, which took place this last weekend in San Francisco, you might notice that Misses Tawdry and Piaf have their own alter egos, now - a one Miss Marlene Volkswagen and her new pal Drunky. Keep yer eyes peeled, kids - keep 'em peeled.


PS. Anyone got any idea what they are laughing at?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

what to do this Saturday 12/15 if you live in and/or love San Francisco

Go to the Club Chuckles' 4th Anniversary Show !! December 15th ! At the Hemlock Tavern !

We totally got the pick in the SF Bay Guardian (rumor has it that there is a photo of us in the PAPER paper). You can also read more about it ---> here!

yay !


PS. Hm. This isn't a very visual post, is it? Hows about I remedy that with a photo of two twins and a radiant and statuesque Julie Newmar from our last LVV shows ?? I was watching the show from the side patio when I ran into Rebecca Seven who has created everything from wedding dresses to those infamous black vinyl dommylicious Poubelles hiangle june 07 - Photo Hosted at Buzznetshorts-getups for us, and she told me that her friend Miss Newmar would be joining her later in the night.

The lumberjack match started and we were called back to the stage. I have to say that when I got the chance to strike down upon Cassandro with great vengeance and furious anger, I kind of lost myself a little and followed him right through and over the entire right side of the audience, pushing through chairs, stepping on bodies, haphazardly wielding my belt the entire time. When I finally made it back to solid ground, I found myself standing in front of this lovely and striking figure seated next to Rebecca. I had just enough time to shake her hand and thank her for coming before I threw myself back into the fray. Moments like these ensure that the VaVoom will always remain in my Lucha, to be sure...later Miss Newmar was gracious enough to come downstairs and pose with all of us as we went crazy for her, and we thank Don Spiro for capturing it all for us !!

 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet
Ok, that better? I think so, too.