Datey Ladies with Barbara Ann & Vera Duffy


ACTIVE LISTENING A method of engaged listening, where one pays attention, asks elaborating questions, paraphrases back what the speaker has shared, and does not judge or give advice. (DL009 Act 5)

ARGOV, SHERRY A young lady with little to no web presence, who is said to have written WHY MEN LOVE BITCHES. (DL001)

ATTACHMENT STYLE The three styles of relationship attachment – Anxious, Avoidant, Secure – explored in the book ATTACHED. (DL003)

BIBI or BIBI POUBELLE Barbara’s nom de guerre

BOOTY-CHICKEN A real bad swear.

BROWN FLAGS What to look for in a potential partner when you’re wearing rose-colored glasses (’cause that’s green + pink) (DL031)

DISS-&-TELL Something we DO NOT DO

FIFI or FIFI POUBELLE Vera’s nom de guerre (also, Wiwi)

FUPA Fabulous Under-appreciated Pubic Area; may be flipped or flooped into Shapermint shape wear (see below) (DL010)

HAT Something you bring to a social situation to help you break the ice and engage with people, like when Bibi’s stepson brought a conversation-starting hat, and Bibi brought him (DL013)

HEAD HAREM Cranial residence of one’s love interests, both real and imagined. (DL004.5)

I.I.P. Alternate wish for a departed soul, i.e. Insomnia In Poop (DL023)

I.M.C.R. In My Cursory Research

LUCHA VA VOOM The Mexican wrestling-burlesque-comedy show where the girls performed Lucha Libre as The Poubelle Twins.

MASTERING-CHESS A bedtime activity one does for hours instead of sleeping, like in The Queen’s Gambit or something. (DL008a)

MELISSA Barbara’s friend who may or may not have stolen John Hamm’s sweater (DL009 Act 4) and may or may not have attended a Vampire Orgy (DL022)

NAME IT TO LAME IT ™ The first step in Vicercizing (see below)

NEGGING Making someone you like feel bad for some reason. (DL009c)

SHAPERMINT The twins’ favorite shape-wear that they don’t actually own. (DL002, DL004, DL010)

SHIBARI The Japanese art of rope bondage; definitely cool for amateurs to dabble with in new relationships, without proper communication. (DL010)

TOILET U. or TOILET UNIVERSITY Esteemed porcelain research institute, where one might learn the earth is flat, COVID 19 is a hoax, and Trump will be reinstated 13 August 2021 oops! (DL008 Act 1, DL012)

TOLUCA LAKE LAKE Mysterious body of water in the San Fernando valley, and future site of Barbara’s home. (DL006)

TONY ROBBINS’S ICEHOLE 57 degree plunge pool into which Mr. Robbins frequently jumps. Example: “Have you seen Toby Robbins?” “Yeah, he’s in his own icehole.”

VANSEXUAL A person sexually attracted to vans, duh. Related: AUTO-EROTIC. (DL006 Act2, DL009 Act 3)

VELVET HAMMER BURLESQUE Revue where the twins’ alter egos Fifi and Bibi Poubelle, The Poubelle Twins, were born.

VICERCISING Rewarding yourself for not engaging in a bad habit by engaging in a slightly less bad habit. (DL007 Act 3, DL008 Act3)