Datey Ladies with Barbara Ann & Vera Duffy

DL040 Twinterlude – Otta Know Better

The twins are headed back to the Ottawa International Animation festival, pumpkin carving contest and all – but first, Bibi elaborates on last episode’s tale of unfulfilling sexy time.

DL037 Twinterlude – Mission Twinn

Join us at the historic Mission Inn and Spa in beautiful downtown Riverside, California, where we talk about app dating, Surrealist balls, and why our hotel room door is barricaded with a chair!

DL031 Twinterlude – Brown Flags

Women’s Rights, comedy racism, inclusive television shows, and oh yeah, dating! Barbara talks more about last episode’s New York dork, and Vera breaks down dating in rose-colored glasses.

DL028 Twinterlude – K-Hole Filler

Barbara admits to a killing, Cosby admits to being a monster, and Putin admits to nothing — but we know his secret and we’re sharing with you. Not every day can be a rave at an ostrich farm, but we’re searching for glimmers of serotonin. Join us.