Datey Ladies with Barbara Ann & Vera Duffy

DL047 Twinterlude – 2022 Recap

Missed out on an episode this year? We got you covered! Please enjoy this recap of the last twelve, glorious months. Plus, we rebrand!!

Thank you, dear Frands, for your continued love, support, and listenage. 2023 promises much more book!

DL043 – Skatey Ladies

Remember when Barbara was hurting over Hinge, and Vera said let’s go roller skating instead? A lot has happened since. Listen in on the update! Plus, we attempt to talk about the Five Love Languages, a book we have not read – yet (?)

DL042 Twinterlude – Shards

Barbara has a new dating strategy, but Vera rolls with other plans.

Also: ‘member this hottie?

Likes: Pizazz temporary hair color
Dislikes: crypto-fascist metaphors for nuclear war

Class dismissed!

DL040 Twinterlude – Otta Know Better

The twins are headed back to the Ottawa International Animation festival, pumpkin carving contest and all – but first, Bibi elaborates on last episode’s tale of unfulfilling sexy time.