Datey Ladies with Barbara Ann & Vera Duffy

DL017 Twinterlude – F Buddy

Vera talks Barbara into signing up with Feeld, a “dating app for couples and singles” she discovered through Lisa (Ep. 005A). Not a paid promotion (But it could be! You hearing us Feeld? You need our Venmo or?)

DL016 Twinterlude – Vampirical Gangster

Barbara reveals the shocking twist of last episode’s dating disaster, and Vera doth protests her undead love. Plus, vintage hip-hip and modern-day cat calling!

Twin art by Ciro Casanova @TheArtofCiro

DL013 Twinterlude – Me Three

Trigger warning : Barbara continues her recollections of teenage assault.

Plus letters from abroad, Worzel Gummidge, a leather onesie, and facing social anxiety in real time.

Worzel and Sally, a success story.

DL012 Twinterlude – Virgin Gigolos

Hold onto your hat, it’s a twinterlude/twinsight two-fer! Vera reveals her new degree, while Barbara examines some perplexing encounters of the virginal kind.

Plus, the twins revisit last episode’s discussion of assault, and how not to be an a-hole over someone else’s trauma (TW, dear listeners).

And now for a very special presentation of Barbara’s oeuvre de film, ENTER THE DIVA!

DL008a Twinterlude – Happy Holidays 2020

Well, we didn’t it! No new episode just yet, but we miss you so! Please accept this, our new featurette — the Twinterlude — while we gather our thoughts on our next book(s) THE UPWARD SPIRAL and THE UPWARD SPIRAL WORKBOOK.


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We also mentioned our brand-new PO BOX! That address is this:
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It’s that sweet Victoriana website we mentioned, “a space for honoring forgotten people and the sentimental mementos they left behind.”
Almighty Opp is a rapidly growing friendship network and community-betterment apparatus. Conceived by and featuring the music, puppets, artwork…”

Hilo Atelier
That dressmaker in Spain Bibi loves so very much!

Happy Holidays, thanks for listening, and for just being you!
xoxo, Barbara Ann & Vera Duffy