Datey Ladies with Barbara Ann & Vera Duffy

DL056 – It’s A Tap

We talk sharing relationship responsibilities, a revelashe ’bout patriarchy, and the fact that Barbara IS ACTUALLY DATING SOMEONE SHE MET IRL!!!!@!!

Plus! Did you say you were in the market for some ancient filthy stripper shoes (or 3)?? Make Bibi an offer, before it’s too late!

DL055 – Afraidy Ladies

We work an event with Weird Al benefitting voting registrations org The Good Deed Corps, get caught in a police stand-off between the LAPD and a minivan, and drive Barbara’s date around town in Vera’s trunk.

Hey, how come we’re the only ones wearing Hawaiian shirts and dorky frames??

In Tip Jar news, thank you to FANG YANG! Stay tuned for a proper shout-out <3