Datey Ladies with Barbara Ann & Vera Duffy

DL069 – The Narcissist in Your Life – part 3 “Carousel of Love”

Part 3 of our review, featuring guest reviewer Kitten DeVille – plus, our time hosting the World Famous Burlesque Showcase at Viva Las Vegas 27!

Also – Bibi has a news flash (tattoo) about her last relationship.

DL067 – The Narcissist in Your Life – part 1 “Just Kitten”

Neo-Burlesque legend KITTEN DEVILLE joins us in reviewing THE NARCISSIST IN YOUR LIFE: RECOGNIZING PATTERNS AND LEARNING TO BREAK FREE. After suddenly losing Shawn, her beloved husband of 36 years, Kitten found herself back in the dating world with unexpected results. (Spolier: this book comes in handy.)

She gave us some photos; we couldn’t pick just one…

DL061 – Heartbreak: A Personal and Scientific Journey – part 6 “Sh*tshow of Love”

Behold our TRIUMPHANT RETURN with the BIG FINISH to Florence William’s HEARTBREAK book!

Plus! BIBI updates us on her relationship, and YOU buy tickets to our benefit featuring Paul Feig screening his GHOSTBUSTERS movie — right here!