Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Skulls 19th - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

2439886775 4d81bd81c5 b 1 - Photo Hosted at Buzznet

Official Press Release from The Poubelles regarding their Slap Booth is as follows:

The Steve Allens within Los Feliz arrondissement - (in order to saw the location clique here !!! ) welcome two twins back to her stage pour "Le Slap Booth - CHAUD !!!" We welcome everyone with a brave to come up the stage, request a style of slap and then be delighted in pain for everyone !

A advice: it does hurt REALLY but it is fun because it is everyone dark desire to be slap by totally warm twins - now is your chance and you can be take photo of and be saw on their new show called "Le Slap Booth - CHAUD !", too, if you get on stage to be slap !! (It is ok for us to take foto of your slap, please.

Come on and all ! We saw you tonight ! Also, will love THE TULSA SKULL SWANGERS !!!

avec amour,
Les Poubelles