Datey Ladies with Barbara Ann & Vera Duffy

DL033 Office Hours – Ask Prix About Poly

We twins and our resident expert on alternative relationships, Prix de Beaute, take a newly-single listener’s question about keeping her relationship status “open” in this audio edit from our Instagram Live chat.

Plus a brief guide to reaching your US government representative!

DL031 Twinterlude – Brown Flags

Women’s Rights, comedy racism, inclusive television shows, and oh yeah, dating! Barbara talks more about last episode’s New York dork, and Vera breaks down dating in rose-colored glasses.

DL029 Office Hours – Three Amigos

We did something totally new – live-streamed on Instagram and invited listeners to join us! We call it Office Hours, and it was weird and fun and we’ll definitely do it again. Meet us yourself on our next broadcast – and make sure to follow us on @DateyLadies so you don’t miss it!

More about the dear listeners (all dudes!) who spoke with us…

Professional Cuddler Samantha Hess

DL028 Twinterlude – K-Hole Filler

Barbara admits to a killing, Cosby admits to being a monster, and Putin admits to nothing — but we know his secret and we’re sharing with you. Not every day can be a rave at an ostrich farm, but we’re searching for glimmers of serotonin. Join us.

DL027 Twinterlude – Forg-edit-bout It

What does heartbreak, pole dancing, Bill Cosby and the GAME OF THRONES Starbucks cup have in common? The DATEY LADIES podcast of course!

Plus, shout out to costume designer and friend Rebecca Seven!

Rebecca Seven’s nurse costumes on Poubelle Twins, featuring Rebecca Seven!

DL026 Twinterlude – Freeways ‘n’ Threeways

Happy Valentine’s Day, Bae! Vera takes a closer look at three of our authors (and her own self), while Bibi takes a pot-hole shot at the van-banger from our ALL THE FUCKING MISTAKES episodes (DL006 Acts 1-3).