DL008 Act 2 – The Upward Spiral

Onwards and upwards! In Act 2 of Alex Korb’s THE UPWARD SPIRAL, we explore the brain-benefits of Lucha Libre, rude Brits, how to be an astronaut, and one very special rug.

DL008 Act 1 – The Upward Spiral

If you’re reading this, you’ve made it through 2020. What better way to celebrate than with a couple of books about DEPRESSION! Dr. Alex Korb PhD guides us through “using Neuroscience to Reverse the Course of Depression, One Small Change at a Time.” Yippee!

And something else to celebrate – it’s the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of our first episode. Thank you to everyone who’s joined us over the months. Here’s to many more!

DL008a Twinterlude – Happy Holidays 2020

Well, we didn’t it! No new episode just yet, but we miss you so! Please accept this, our new featurette — the Twinterlude — while we gather our thoughts on our next book(s) THE UPWARD SPIRAL and THE UPWARD SPIRAL WORKBOOK.


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We also mentioned our brand-new PO BOX! That address is this:
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It’s that sweet Victoriana website we mentioned, “a space for honoring forgotten people and the sentimental mementos they left behind.”

Almighty Opp is a rapidly growing friendship network and community-betterment apparatus. Conceived by and featuring the music, puppets, artwork…”

Hilo Atelier
That dressmaker in Spain Bibi loves so very much!

Happy Holidays, thanks for listening, and for just being you!
xoxo, Barbara Ann & Vera Duffy

DL007 Act 3 – The Art of Seduction

We finish our li’l chit-chat about Robert Greene’s classic book with a very special surprise – an interview with the man himself!

Robert gives his Emmy-award winning podcast twinterview!

But first, Vera introduces our dear listeners to the very special world of Vicercising. Name It to Lame It ™!

Also, the tragic story of Vera’s first crush!

And finally -Barbara’s monkey butts and cherry juice !

DL007 Act 2 – The Art of Seduction

More of Robert Greene’s wildly popular seduction book! Plus, in Twinsights, Barbara’s attack-twin address her former boyfriend.

Check out the Lord Bryon hair auctions, 1992 & 2020!

Barbara gets flustered with Mr. Charming.

DL007 Act 1 – The Art of Seduction

We twins revisit one of our favorite bored-person books, THE ART OF SEDUCTION by Robert Greene. Are you a Seducer or Victim? And which type? Join us for a thrilling jaunt through history, literature, and love.

Plus, Vera dishes on our star-turn in season 7 of RENO 911! (now on Quibi) and the power of negative thought.

ALSO… please check out our vintage twinterview with ROBERT GREENE on our former podcast The Slap Booth Show, all the way back in 2012!

How To Vote By Mail!

Represent.us has a handy guide that shows you how to Vote By Mail state-by-state for the November 3rd election. Click the link here ! Deadlines, links to applications, and more are all there.

And remember:

‘We’ve laid out important deadlines for your states, but remember the rule of thumb:

The earlier you request and return your ballot, the better.

DL006 Act 2 – All The Fucking Mistakes

The fun continues with our second act! Herpes vs. computer; which virus is easier to catch? And also – porn! Plus, Vera explores her “place of lac” as the mystery of Toluca Lake lake deepens.

Please enjoy this commercial for the Odyssey Video store, home to Barbara Ann Duffy, Vera Duffy, and Ron Jeremy.