DL055 – Afraidy Ladies

We work an event with Weird Al benefitting voting registrations org The Good Deed Corps, get caught in a police stand-off between the LAPD and a minivan, and drive Barbara’s date around town in Vera’s trunk.

Hey, how come we’re the only ones wearing Hawaiian shirts and dorky frames??

In Tip Jar news, thank you to FANG YANG! Stay tuned for a proper shout-out <3

DL054 – Heartbreak: A Personal and Scientific Journey – part 4 “Misery Into Death”

Loneliness is bad – just ask your body. But all is not lost: there are Ministries of Loneliness, Men’s Sheds, EMDRs, and of course kayaking!

And guess what, after this episode we are HALF WAY through the book!

Plus, the meditative RAT : www.remote-associates-test.com

DL052 – Heartbreak: A Personal and Scientific Journey – part 3 “Don’t Be Heartbroken”

A twinsight about Vera’s cat allergies preludes the next three chapters of HEARTBREAK, covering pair-bonding prairie voles, more head-harem bullshit, and complicated grief. Speaking of, Bibi tells a sad story.

DL050 – Misses Romantics

Our upcoming live performance of The Slap Booth, Vera’s hospital husb, and a Reilly great show that un-Hinges Barbara:

My trunk or yours?

And yes, that’s right – we are performing this Saturday, February 4th, as part of Blonde Brunette Productions’s PEEK-A-VIEW. 9pm at Hello Stranger, 320 E. 2nd Street, Los Angeles. Get tickets here!

DL049 – Heartbreak: A Personal and Scientific Journey – part 2 “Guita-red Flag”

Bibi tells a diverting story, Vera accepts a helping knee, and Florence Williams loses her Ennis match in the next installment of HEARTBREAK.

DL047 Twinterlude – 2022 Recap

Missed out on an episode this year? We got you covered! Please enjoy this recap of the last twelve, glorious months. Plus, we rebrand!!

Thank you, dear Frands, for your continued love, support, and listenage. 2023 promises much more book!

DL046 – Heartbreak: A Personal and Scientific Journey – part 1

We did it! We reviewed an actual DATING-TYPE BOOK!!! Please enjoy our take on chapters 1-3 of Florence Williams’s kayaklicious-tome.

And also: Krampii!

Two horrific beasts (bottom) with a couple Krampuseses. (photo by Taylor Wong / Brookledge)

Read more about the “rickety bridge experiment” (aka “misattribution of arousal”) here.