Datey Ladies with Barbara Ann & Vera Duffy

DL054 – Heartbreak: A Personal and Scientific Journey – part 4 “Misery Into Death”

Loneliness is bad – just ask your body. But all is not lost: there are Ministries of Loneliness, Men’s Sheds, EMDRs, and of course kayaking!

And guess what, after this episode we are HALF WAY through the book!

Plus, the meditative RAT :

DL028 Twinterlude – K-Hole Filler

Barbara admits to a killing, Cosby admits to being a monster, and Putin admits to nothing — but we know his secret and we’re sharing with you. Not every day can be a rave at an ostrich farm, but we’re searching for glimmers of serotonin. Join us.

DL008 Act 2 – The Upward Spiral

Onwards and upwards! In Act 2 of Alex Korb’s THE UPWARD SPIRAL, we explore the brain-benefits of Lucha Libre, rude Brits, how to be an astronaut, and one very special rug.