Datey Ladies with Barbara Ann & Vera Duffy

DL037 Twinterlude – Mission Twinn

Join us at the historic Mission Inn and Spa in beautiful downtown Riverside, California, where we talk about app dating, Surrealist balls, and why our hotel room door is barricaded with a chair!

DL013 Twinterlude – Me Three

Trigger warning : Barbara continues her recollections of teenage assault.

Plus letters from abroad, Worzel Gummidge, a leather onesie, and facing social anxiety in real time.

Worzel and Sally, a success story.

DL008 Act 2 – The Upward Spiral

Onwards and upwards! In Act 2 of Alex Korb’s THE UPWARD SPIRAL, we explore the brain-benefits of Lucha Libre, rude Brits, how to be an astronaut, and one very special rug.